Almost 20. Life isn’t how I expected it would be come now. Expected to have a girlfriend, expected to be somewhat well off and not have had put on weight. Still, I fulfilled one expectation in respect to my education. Socially not so much, but that’s the thing, I’m too stubborn to not keep going so fuck it. Fuck women I don’t need them; all you do is depress me. Fuck this weight, I’m hitting beast mode this year and just try fucking stop me. Fuck Uni, you’ll have nothing on me. Time is all that stands between me and throne I want so badly now, so stand back and watch.

I don’t know though, ENTP sounds like me too, and the introvert part of my INTP was just a sliver into introvert

So, did the Jungen/Briggs personality test. 3 times to assure I got the right result, Apparently I’m a INTP (Introverted, Initiative, Thinking, Perceiving) also know as the Architect. Except for claiming I should be maths/engineering/science based, it’s pretty accurate. I reblogged the post recently, you guys should look at it too. Very interesting

Plymouth… Man I love and hate my cities. On one side, memories. And on the other, also memories.